Privacy Policy

We have high regards for all our customers. The privacy policy gives an explanation of the type of information we gather and stock in our database and the way we utilize this information. The information is about the users or visitors of this site. If you would like to get your questions clarified with us in regards to our privacy policy, then you can send your details along with your contact details to our email address provided below.

About personally identifiable information
We do not collect or pile up any information that is personal to a customer or user that includes name, contact number or email address on an automatic basis. However, customers may have a need to furnish their particulars when they attempt to use our website. But otherwise unless explicitly stated, all personally identifiable information (PII) sent to us will be discoverable only by an administrator.

Utilizing personally Identifiable Information
Any information we receive from you either private or personal can be accessed only by an administrator. This information might be utilized by us for improving or adjusting the services or products we render on our site. Unless otherwise made mandatory by law, we shall never share, disclose or sell your personal details to any outsider or third party.

Exercising your email address
We protect your email address and the same shall never be displayed, given or sold to any third party. Only the administrator might make use of your email address in order to contact you whenever there emerges any necessity. Unless you voluntarily subscribe with us for any features, you shall not receive from us any solicited newsletters, updates or even commercial messages.

Regarding your IP Address
Any time you visit any page of our website, our system automatically records your IP address. This IP address can be viewed only by an administrator. We might use your recorded IP address for certain statistical purposes to detect and battle any fraudulent or any suspicious activity or even for geolocation statistics.

Statistical Information collected
Our system automatically collects certain statistical information from every visitor or the user and all these information are non-personal. Such information might include the specification of your browser, its type and version, the version and the type of operating system you use, visited time, the site that directed you to our website if any and also other non-personal data that can be used for administrative, enhancement or analytical purposes.